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April 10, 2011


The 'Hartley 39', 'Haumoana'. Home built by Russell and Ernie Maddox in Auckland back in the early 70's. Russel returned...
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July 19, 2010

Item (8)

I'm sure many will find great interest in this picture of the successfull concrete 8 man submarine 'U3' designed and...
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December 12, 2009

Item (5)

Greece. Chios 8-11-2003. I am new owner of a 42 feet ferrocement cutter and as pensioned merchant marine captain i...
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May 26, 2009

Item (7)

'One Man' ferro-cement submarine. Hi ! I've been making progress with my sub. I have modified my design from my original...
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February 12, 2009

Item (6)

'Hartley Ferro-cement Boat Owners Ass'n'. It is with sadness that I recently learnt of the 'Passing on to the great cruising...
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