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November 12, 2016
Ferrocement Hull Construction
August 28, 2017

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Hi Colin, I would like to offer a better description of the photo
gallery MISC – page 4, of your wonderful website. The vessel is Dove in Orams of Whangarei while she was on a world cruise in 1975. She did complete her circumnavigation, 1972 – 1979, with builder, Winston Bushnell & first mate Carol and their two daughters, Kim & Leslie. The boat is a T. Gilmore, Southern Cross design laid up in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada with high tensile rod to a hull thickness 5/8″. She has seen much hard service including numerous roll-overs off South Africa, after which she was re-rigged as a sloop. I sailed Dove from Florida to British Columbia (10,000 miles) in 1983. She still resides here on Vancouver Island. Regards, Russ Lang

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