An Outline History

Of Ferro-Cement Boatbuilding

Milestones of History

There are six significant periods in the chronological history of ferro-cement boatbuilding where the greatest advancements were made....

1/.up to 1900....2/.the World War1 period ....3/.between the wars.... 4/.the World War2 period ..... 5/.1955-1975....6/.1976-1996.

The earliest photographic evidence we have of 'ferro-cement boats', are of the two dinghies built by Joseph Louis Lambot in 1848, in Miraval, Southern France. Where he also took out patents for his methods under the name of 'ferciment', in 1855. Another small craft built in Belgium, could be seen for many years in the 'Pelican Pool', at Amsterdam Zoo. This one is known to date back to 1887. Carlos Gabellini of Rome, Italy has also given us photographic evidence of his construction of ferroboats from the 1890's. It is believed that similar techniques have probably been known for a considerable time, with even possible 'Roman Empire', origins.

A photo taken at the turn of the century of one the ferro-cement dinghies built by Lambot in 1848, on the pond at Mirval.

Some known early Pioneers

For a concise 'History' read the book

'Ferro-cement Boats'

by Colin Brookes.mSNAME.amRINA.
available at www.hartley-boats.com
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