Ferroboat Scams & Shams

Ferroboat Scams & Shams

The world of ferroboats has probably had more than it's fair share of scams and shams in the boating world

Probably as a result of it's dramatic and rapid rise of success during the 70's and 80's When several opertunists took advantage of a gullible public seeking paradise over a distant horizon

We were once plagued by 'Armchair Experts' who usually had neither built anything of any substance or had not sailed much further than the harbour entrance. The plague has now increased in volumes with the use of the internet and chat forums. Most of it's users not only fall into the previous mentioned categories but are also able to stay anonymous. Beware....the internet forums is also where bad publicity and derogatory comments can be given against business competitors anonimously.

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The information and comments given on this 'World Of Ferroboats', website are based on first-hand experience gained by the contributors over many years of use, designing, surveying, building and repairing ferro-cement boats.