Barrier coat

Barrier coat

Hi Colin. I am currently in the USA and am looking for a suitable epoxy for a barrier coat. In S.Africa I used black epoxy tar, but it is apparently considered "environmentally unsafe" in the US. What would you suggest? Thanks


Hi Jose, problem with epoxy tar is getting it off when you want to change system. Was it on this boat that you used it or another? The two best barrier/sealcoats are depending on system being used..either epoxy (ie West System etc brushed on),or chlorinated rubber. Both stick like 'shit to a blanket', (If it is good and dry at time of application).Regards


Hello Jose and Colin, A good and well proven protective coat for FERRO HULLS is non-petroleum based epoxy. Most marine epoxy, including the "west" brand is epoxy based and dosent like water. Using a high quality industrial epoxy, one can even apply to a wet surface. There is also no fumes or smell so painting the interior bilge locker is easy. Unfortunately, I am in South America now and the product info is on my boat in Florida. Email if you wish furthur info when I return to the USA in mid January. Best Regards and kudos to Colin for a great service to us all. Hal Johnson S/V Cobia 49' Cecil Norris Ketch

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