What happened to the previous forum

What happened to the previous forum

I started the forum a few weeks back by using a program already set up by the server. On Tuesday 7th November the program crashed losing all the data. There were 44 messages and replies, which because the program was also operated by the server, I was unable to back-up. If anyone has copied any questions and or replies please email them to me and I will put them back on the new forum. This time I have built my own forum so that I can keep it backed up. Another plus is that it does not have a limit of 1000 characters per message like the previous one. On the minus side though, I built it....so it is not very sophisticated.

LATEST NEWS UPDATE thanks to Craig Kent who had copied 43 QandA's and emailed them to me, I am able to set it up again.

Colin Brookes....colb@xtra.co.nz .....Nov 2000
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