The Project

The Project

Colin, Thanks for help on E mail previously in respect of buying Fijian. Now the proud owner, but the work is only starting. Need a lot of maintenance and redoing. Some startup basics, what is the prefered method of redoing hull, in terms of stripping and repainting? There is some minor wear and tear to deck area's with some leaks, and some steel exposed by deck cement damage, (very limited, and the previous owner has put a plastic/rubber sealer over previous skylights which i would like to repair properly, how do I go about repairing? Thinking a bit down the track is it possible to strip plank the deck and what sort of adhesives and wood would work best. Will be a regular visitor to site, I reckon on about a 12-18 mth project, thanks for help.

Mark van

CHi Mark, sorry I missed your request about the strip plank application to a ferro deck. Yes the method has been done many times and is a very rewarding excercise. You can end up with the best of both worlds..a completely weather-proof sealed ferro deck with a 'pleasing to the eye', teak-laid surface. You will find details in my book 'Ferro-cement Boats'. A favourite trick of some world cruisers is to build the ferroboat, set off on your cruise, and then lay the teak veneer deck later in Singapore, Philippines etc where the material/labour is cheap.Regards.

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