Removing Paint

Removing Paint

hi colin,hoping u or some one else can help,i'm wanting to remove all the paint off the hull as there is about 3 differant colours. i want to be able to go back to no paint on the hull and start from scratch, any ideas weather it be sandblasting,burning or paint stripper would be appreciated. cheers brent,brent porter, ,Submit


Hi Brent, Have just removed 3 or 4 layers of paint from my Hartley 38. Tried a small area of sandblast, but it left the surface too rough, paint stripper you need gallons, so I went for a 4" angle grinder with a P30 grade sanding disc. It used about 1 disc per sq mtr took 8 days, and was very boring, but it worked very well leaving the hull smooth. Hope it helps.


Hi Brent, whatever process you use DO NOT SANDBLAST A FERRO-CEMENT HULL, that is the quickest way to destroy all it's inherent advantages and acceptable properties. Regards

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