Plywood/Ferro Barge Project

Plywood/Ferro Barge Project

I'm starting to plan a houseboat project based on a 16'x40' barge hull. I was planning to build the barge out of 3/4" plywood w/ a fiberglass skin, but am now considering covering the exterior of the barge in ferro instead to save costs and create a stronger foundation. Has anyone any experience in this method? If so, what would be the appropriate mix/thickness of the ferro skin. Any ideas and/or thoughts?.


he process is known as ferro-sheathing it's description can be read in my book 'Ferro-cement Boats', a process I have used for more than 25 years now. But why go to the expense of building in plywood and then sheathing it in ferro-cement ? Why not just build in ferro-cement in the first place ? It would be far cheaper, quicker, and better in the end.

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