Netting & Plasterers in the USA

Netting & Plasterers in the USA

Hello, I'm considering building a ferro sailboat/motorsailer. Two prime considerations before I pursue this are:

  1. Can anyone suggest sources in the U.S.A. for 1/2" hexmesh?
  2. Can anyone suggest any experienced ferro plasterers in the U.S.A.?
Thanks. Cheers,

John Pazereskis

Hi John, it's 1/2" hex netting or 1/2' square welded mesh that you need. Either are relatively easy to obtain via fencing companys etc. There are plenty of good house builders and solid plasterers around in the US especially amongst the Italian community, they plaster patios and walls etc, and with the instructions in my book they will have no trouble. regards

Colin Brookes.
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