Mesh type ??

Mesh type ??

Hello again Colin. I met someone recently who is building a ferro cement boat at Tollesbury (you might even know him, he seems to know you), I don't know his name, but he lost a boat somewhere in/near the Azores a few years ago. To the point though, he is using welded mesh in the construction, it looks about 1mm thick with 1cm square mesh. He says its the modern way (?)and is stronger than chicken mesh. As you know, I'm starting my build next year, I'm getting confused by some of the things I read and what others offer as 'advice'. Is there any validity in what he says, do I ignore these other 'experts' Any comments please? Ta.


Hi Barry, you are right there is no validity in his statement. Square welded mesh was used before twisted wire netting (bird mesh). I have come across builders from time to time using square welded mesh and fewer layers thinking it is cheaper, it is, it is also weaker. Square welded when free standing is stronger, but of lower impact resistance when integrated in layers in a ferro hull. Many years of examining hulls damaged by impact shows that the layers of welded mesh do not integrate as well but remain as a sandwich, which tends to seperate easier on impact. Having said that, it is still stronger than any regular boat building medium other than steel plate, and is quite acceptable as long as the same thickness and layers specified are used. Substituting heavier thickness mesh/netting and reducing the number of layers, considerably weakens the armature also.The strength is in the diversity. Regards.

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