Help I have so many ?

Help I have so many ?

Not sure where to start...we are moving to a very remote area in Caribbean and would like to build a very econo boat, using ferro...will any boat plan work with ferro, we are needing a very shallow draft as we are in a reef area, prefer a cat but will also need a small motor boat for going to village for supplies. We want to use a very light concrete blend with(fibers)(does perilite or equiv work)and also need to know if we need to use a styro core on any (or for which kinds of boats)for better floatation. We thought our first project might be restoring an 12'aluminum boat that was somewhat destroyed by Mitch but possibly could be a shell for a ferro cover but not sure HOW,if we should somehow apply chicken wire over aluminum....or will there be a problem with adhesion to the aluminum. Could use any and all advise as we really need the transportation and would love to have a small cat for day sailing 12-14ft. Thanks for any info and Happy Holidays..Here's our web site: and Best regards,


Hi Dalene, I think you should read up on my comments regarding the mixing of other components to the plaster mix before following that line of thought.

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