H28 Ferro Fibreglass

H28 Ferro Fibreglass

Is ferro heavier than fibreglass,I have just bought a ferro yacht that looks exactly like a H28. The frg H28's built here in NZ are supposed to have a displacement of 10,962 lbs. My boat has wooden decks and cabin. Would my boats displacement be about the same, or heavier. The Registered Tonnage is 7.5 but I understand this is based on 1 ton being equal to 100 square feet and not the actual weight.

Dave Limbrick...davel@nznet.gen.nz

Hi Dave, I am not sure of the purpose of your question. If you are looking for a comparison of performance then my following comments may help you. The H28 was designed by L.Francis Herreshoff to be built in wood with an external lead keel of 2,800lbs. On the spec's he gave in his drawings I would rate her as a 5 ton craft. The fibreglass and ferro-cement versions of the H28 built in NZ are only adaptions from the original wooden design. Both adaptions have proved themselves very well over the years. I would say however that the weight dispersement (not displacement), of the ferro-cement version is likely to be closer to the original wooden design than the fibreglass one. Giving a motion in a seaway closer to that envisaged by the original designer, Mr Herreshoff. Hope that helps. Regards

Colin Brookes...colb@xtra.co.nz
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