Ground plane on a ferroboat

Ground plane on a ferroboat

Hello Colin, My name is Rene Yruretagoyena. My question is, will the steel meshing in a ferro boat make for a good ground plane for SSB? I am in the process of buying a 42' Cotten Gaff rigged ketch. Do you know anything about this designer? Thanks in advance...Rene

I am sorry but the name Cotten is not known to me. With regard to a ground with any other form of arial be it Yagi, Dipole, Dish or whatever...the ground plane does not necessarily have to be grounded. The steel armature of the hull can be connected to one side of your 300 or 75 ohm impedence arial input cable, and an optimum 1/4 wavelength whip or line to the other. From memory I think it's only Rhombic arials that utilise the actual ground as a ground plane. Forgive me as it's now almost half a century since I was at college, if I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me. Regards,

Colin Brookes.
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