Ferro cement Rudder

Ferro cement Rudder

Hello Colin. I have been bulding a "Coral Sea" (now called "Norsk 40" ?) in Norway for the past 8 years. During that period of time i have recieved many comments, ideas and critics by people who always seems to know better. It was therefor nice to read this pages and your comments to other boatbuliders who obviously have recieved the same advice that i have recieved (from the other side of the globe though...) For exaple 1 or 2 shot method, leadballast etc. Your conclution and advise seems to be; stick to the original plan. I would therefor ask for your opinion regarding ferrocement rudders. A ferro-boatbulider told me that he had sucesfully done this in the same manner as rest of the hull. This would obviosly make a strong rudder, but would it not be to heavy, "interfering" with the boatconstructors original plan when it comes to ballast etc. The boat type is a "Coral Sea (Norsk 40)" with the entire rudder "hanging after" the boat. Please excuse my writing since English is not my native language.

Tore Gravdal...tore@gravdal.as

Hi Tore, yes the 'Coral Sea', is one of my designs. When I made some small alterations to the rig so that it would be easier to fit a self steering vane, I renamed it 'Norsk 40'. The rudder should be made as per my drawings. The only advantage that I can think for making it in ferro-cement, is it would possibly be cheaper. However it would have several disadvantages. The rudder as I designed it would have almost a negative weight giving it a much easier operation, as well as a considerable increase in the life of the three pintle bearings. Regards

Colin Brookes...colb@xtra.co.nz
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