Ferro Barge Construction

Ferro Barge Construction

I am interested in building a barge-type hull as the basis of a houseboat, but cannot find any plans for anything similar to what I need. I am planning on building truss-type frames and would like advice on sizing of the rods, type and number of layers of wire mesh, and any other advice I might get. I have read elsewhere on this site that poultry wire is to be prefered. And, is re-bar suitable for the frames? Thanks

John Weber....WEBARTSY@peoplepc.com

Hi John, you won't have read on this website that 'poultry wire' is to be preferred. Twisted wire netting of 1/2" is bird netting which is preferred. Paultry wire/netting is 1" which is not acceptable. You will find all the info you need to help you design the structure in my book 'Ferro-cement Boats'. regards

Colin Brookes...colb@xtra.co.nz
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