Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy Mortar

Thank you Frank, I was referring to item 16 in this forum, in which Colin said you could "make and use an epoxy mortar", implying that it was something you could make yourself out of basic products. The Epirez product sounds promising, however. I don't recongnize the brand name, does not sound familiar here in WA.

Peter Utting.....cygnus@uwa.edu.au

Hi Peter, yes I have made my own epoxy mortar for many years now, certainly since the late 70's when I decided it was too expensive to buy for each repair job (and especially as I really needed it to vary in consistancy according to different uses). You will find details of the mix etc in my book 'Ferro-cement Boats'. It's crude but a saying well worth remembering...if the suface is properly prepared, 'epoxy sticks to a ferro-hull like shit to a blanket' !

Colin Brookes...colb@xtra.co.nz

Thanks Colin, I have a spot on the hull below the waterline about a square foot in area, I would like to try it on. I can't get primers or fillers to stick to this, and the area expands a little each year I haul it out and have another go at it. Some chicken wire is exposed each time I clean it up. Do you think this would be a suitable application, or should I try something else? TIA

Peter Utting...cygnus@uwa.edu.au
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