Double keeled

Double keeled

I am looking at a 44' ferroboat with a double keel, the owner says this makes it possible to beach. I have not been able to find any information on others built like this. Is this a fairly common practice?, does Hartley or Samson have any designs like this?. Also, do you believe this would be a good design for blue water sailing? Very informative website, by the way. You have convinced me to go ahead and buy one, also I read you have a book, who published it? Thanks


Hi Noah, double or twin or bilge-keels as they more commonly known as, are good for beaching but they have a big downside they dramatically affect the sailing performance of a boat. The increased wetted surface etc created a large increase in drag, and they are not normally as effective as a fin keel to windward. Yes the book is 'Ferro-cement Boats' and is available online at

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