Hi Colin; Great site! I was wondering if you or anyone reading this knows of any cruising catamarans that have been built in ferro? If not, then why? I am intrigued by the possibilities. Also, what would be the average cost to build, say, a 25 foot sailboat in ferro-cement? Thanks;


Hi Doc, cruising catamaran's have very few points on the plus side, primary being they are relatively fast compared to monohulls. They have many minus's however. The major ones are a/ They are very unstable in a heavy seaway and require constant attention to avoid a capsize. b/Very difficult to tack in narrow channels, often not coming through the wind unless carrying a considerable amount of way on, sometimes even having to wear-sail to change tack. c/Will only carry small loads compared to a monohull. A catamaran's performance changes dramatically with only small variations on it's designed waterline. The principle of the multihull only works effectively with light displacement vessels. Ferro-cement construction is not really suitable for a multihull unless special construction techniques are used. The standard truss web frame technique in my opinion would be too heavy. Regards

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