Amp UK Overseas

Amp UK Overseas

We own "Amp UK Overseas" , a 39ft ferro sloop built in Bristol UK circa 1980 by a Michael John Stuart. She has grp/foam sandwich decks and was obviously well constructed. Does anyone know about her or her builder as we don't know any of her history prior to 1988 apart from apparently being built for a tranatlantic race and possibly being one of a few similar vessels built at that time. Also, she was supposedly arrested for for smuggling at some time!! We bought and keep her on the east coast of England until circumstances allow for the "great escape"! Lastly, there is a small area of keel damage which has exposed some of the armature. Any tips on repairing this, please? Best Regards,

Adrian Dann

Hi Adrian, what design is it, is it one of our 'Hartley 39's'.... ? regards

Colin Brookes
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