Advise On Buying

Advise On Buying

Given a choice between an Ingrim 38' sloop designed by Atkins, and a Samson 45' motor sailor ketch, both of ferro-cement, which would be the better purchase? The Samson has a centerboard, is it advisable to buy a cement boat with a centerboard truck?


Hi Al, I suspect you mean the 'Ingrid', designed by William Atkin. If I am right then I think the choice is fairly simple. William Atkin did not design any boats for ferro-cement construction, the Ingrid was designed around 1936 for construction in wood. Unless you can track down the person who actually designed the boat to be built in ferro-cement, and be fully confident that he had the proper expertise and knowledge....then it's just another amateur designed amateur built ferroboat ! If she has a well documented and proven record, she might be worth consideration. If not I would tend to steer clear of her. Regards

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